Second Meeting of the Advisory Board of the AccessibleMaps Project


The second meeting of the Advisory Board of the AccessibleMaps project was held on 01 October 2021. The meeting was attended by fifteen people from the advisory board and nine project staff. Also in the second year, due to the pandemic, the meeting was held virtually. This year the topic was the work of the second year of the project. Thereby, the two work priorities “From building plan to OSM maps” and “From OSM maps to users” were presented. The current status was shown on the basis of various demos. In a subsequent discussion, questions and suggestions were discussed together.

FOSSGIS 2021 Workshop


Our workshop at the German conference FOSSGIS 2021 on the mapping of accessibility features using our created analysis tool is now online:

Questionaire report online now

18th May 2021

The report to the questionaire “Challenges for people with impairments in unfamiliar buildings” ist now online and available for download as an accessible PDF. Go to Report.

Project Results: Personas online now

9th February 2021

Results of the project should also be available for others to use. For this reason, they can now be accessed under “Results”. The personas developed there will give you a deeper insight into the target group addressed by the project. Go to the Project Results

Flyer of the project online now

3rd February 2021

The official flyers in postcard format and as leaflets of the research project AccessibleMaps are now online and available for download. Go to Project Info

New publication at the ASSETS conference 2020

20th October 2020

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First virtual meeting of the Advisory Board of the AccessibleMaps project

7th October 2020

The first advisory board meeting took place on 7th October 2020. Representatives of local and national self-help organizations of people with visual and mobility impairments, representatives for professional participation as well as from the area of construction, building design and mapmaking were invited to join the advisory board. Fourteen guests and ten project collaborators took part in the meeting. Due to the current situation, the meeting was organized virtually. During the meeting, the project results of the first year were presented. In the subsequent discussion, the members of the advisory board had the opportunity to discuss the results of the project with the project staff and to network.

Maps for the Web

24th August 2020

As part of the workshop series Maps for the Web we will talk about our project and try to sensitize international working groups in the field of web-based maps to the topic of accessibility.

First advisory board meeting planned

24th August 2020

The first meeting of the advisory board will take place on 07th October 2020. A total of 23 participants have been invited. Among them are national and local stakeholders of the target groups, representatives of the labour, construction and planning sectors, as well as specialists from the field of mobility training.

Workshop at the MUC

24th August 2020

As part of the conference “Mensch und Computer 2020” Accessible Maps offers a workshop on “Digital solutions for more inclusive mobility”.
It will take place on Monday, 07.09.2020 and will be dedicated to equal opportunities for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses in education and in everyday working life by critically evaluating current measures to promote mobility, developing requirements for innovative digital solutions and showing new perspectives.

List of speakers:

  • Accessible Indoor Maps
    Karin Müller, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
    Claudia Loitsch, Technische Universität Dresden
  • Linked Data for Accessibility
    Sebastian Felix Zappe; Sozialhelden e.V.
    Holger Dieterich; Sozialhelden e.V.
  • ASSIST ALL: Virtueller Assistent zur Orientierung in Innenräumen für Menschen mit Behinderung
    Johannes Britsch; contagt GmbH
  • DYNAMIK – eine bedürfnisorientierte Navigationsapp
    Verena Traubinger M. Sc.; Technische Universität Chemnitz
  • Entwicklung einer barrierefreien Straßenkarte mittels Machine Learning und Crowd Sourcing
    Janick Edinger; University of Mannheim
  • Navigation mit Hindernissen
    Benjamin Tannert, Bremen Spatial Cognition Center (BSCC)

New publications at the ICCHP

24th August 2020

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Accessible Maps and OpenStreetMap

24th August 2020

Accessible Maps uses OpenStreetMap (OSM) for collecting, structuring and issuing indoor maps. You can find out more about the use of OSM for Accessible Maps on our OSM Wiki page.