Das ATIM (Accessible Tactile Indoor Map) Symbolset – Kriterien zur Erstellung taktiler Indoor Karten

Giuseppe Melfi, Karin Müller

The report provides criteria for creating tactile indoor maps using the Accessible Tactile Indoor Map Symbolset (ATIM) developed in the AccessibleMaps project. The symbol set is based on a subset of the ATMAPS symbols developed for swell paper. The ATIM symbol set used symbols from ATMAPS that can be printed on lower resolution embossing printers. This report gives practical advice on how the symbols should be used with embossers. The report is available in German only.

Das ATIM (Accessible Tactile Indoor Map) Symbolset – Kriterien zur Erstellung taktiler Indoor Karten (German only)

Challenges for people with impairments in unfamiliar buildings

Christin Engel

This report presents the results of an online survey with 136 participants with blindness, visual impairment and mobility impairment, which was conducted in early 2020 as part of the research project. The survey was created as part of the target group analysis and needs assessment. The aim of the study was to analyse the current practice of people with blindness, visual impairment as well as mobility impairment in orientation and finding their way in unfamiliar buildings. In addition to orientation strategies, information about challenges in orientation and the need for information about the accessibility of buildings were analysed. Furthermore, the survey provides information about the participants’ experiences with unfamiliar buildings, with navigation applications and maps. Requirements for maps and preferred map formats and types were also recorded. The results of the survey form the basis for designing a target group-oriented and needs-based map application for buildings. Within the framework of the project, requirements for the development of a mobile, digital map application are derived from this.

Workshop Report: Digital Solutions for Inclusive Mobility?

Claudia Loitsch & Karin Müller

This workshop report was produced as part of the largest German-speaking professional conference in the field of human-computer interaction, “Mensch und Computer 2020”. The report summarises the contents of the workshop held during the conference. The workshop included an exchange and presentation of various projects in the field of digital mobility. The report gives an insight into the following topics:

  • AccessibleMaps – Accessible Indoor Maps
  • Linked Data for Accessibility
  • ASSIST ALL: Virtual assistant for indoor orientation for people with disabilities
  • DYNAMIK A requirement-oriented navigation app
  • WheelShare: Development of an accessible outdoor map using machine learning and crowd sourcing

The report can be downloaded below in accessible form and in German language only: