OSM Community

OpenStreetMap is a project that collects, structures and makes freely accessible geodata usable. However, hardly any specific information on the accessibility of the physical environment is available on OSM.

In the AccessibleMaps project, we show how automatically or manually collected data about public buildings and their accessibility features can be mapped into OSM and thus made accessible for broad application contexts.

Towards this project objective, we continuously exchange with the OSM indoor community to demonstrate and evaluate our applications and approaches.

We constantly maintain our project page on the OSM-Wiki:

We regularly participate in the OSM conference FOSSGIS to present our solutions and raise awareness about digital accessibility:

We are in close exchange with experts of the OSM Indoor community and involve the community in our user-centred development process. We will participate in the Indoor OSM Community working meeting in October 2022:

Sozialhelden e.V.

In the AccessibleMaps project, more than 800 accessibility features were collected, categorized and compared with features of OpenStreetMap and A11yJSON and compiled in a database. During the development of this database, a cooperation with the non-profit association Sozialhelden e.V. was established. This work aims at the standardization of accessibility features of buildings.

It is important for the AccessibleMaps project that the data is also available to the community after the end of the project. The database was therefore both handed over to the Sozialhelden for further processing and also published on our homepage:

In this way, our project contributes to the sustainability of the project results.

In addition, an article was published with the Sozialhelden about the joint work at the ICCHP Conference 2022.